About 4Ry

The 4Ry Opportunity

4Ry’s Spray Triode Atomizer and Charge Injected Precision Spray (ChIPS) Technologies offer a number of commercially viable and potentially profitable applications. Development of those applications requires operational, marketing and commercial expertise and investment. 4Ry is seeking industrial, agricultural, pharmacological, and consumer product partners and investors to further develop its technologies.

To bring these applications to market as quickly but efficiently as possible, 4Ry LLC will form subsidiaries and enter licensing agreements with operational partners to adapt those technologies to specific markets and commercialize them. This strategy offers partners an opportunity to exploit 4Ry’s technology and realize a commensurate financial return. 4Ry will serve as an intellectual property holding company and hub for further research efforts, improvement of foundational ChIPS technologies, and development of new applications.

Not all of the investment in 4Ry’s businesses will come from its operational partners. There will be opportunities for individuals and investment firms looking for strictly financial investments.

Although the Spray Triode Atomizer is a complicated technology, it has a low power requirement and can be produced cheaply. 4Ry’s operating costs are modest and that should be the case for its subsidiaries as well. There should not be huge start up costs and continuing costs will be kept in line with subsidiaries’ growth and revenues.

4Ry’s unique and patented technology, and its potential to dramatically reduce costs in a number of applications, will allow pricing with substantial net margins. While much of the earnings will be retained in the businesses to fund expansion, there may be sufficient cash flow to return dividends to investors.

For further information, or to discuss 4Ry’s operational and financial investment opportunities, please contact Chief Executive Officer David Bird at:

[email protected] or (312) 560-9625