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Across a wide range of applications and industries, 4Ry’s innovative new technology makes spraying more efficient and economical, less wasteful, and safer for humans, animals, plants, and the environment.

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The Sprayer and Hand Do Not Change Position.
The Spray Goes Up Toward the Hand!
How Does the Spray Cover the Entire Hand?

The answer is 4Ry’s ChIPS:

Charge Injected Precision Spraying

The 4Ry Opportunity

  • ChIPS allows precise control of both droplet size and a spray’s path.
  • Charge-injected spraying eliminates aerosol drift and minimizes inhalation health risks and environmental contamination.
  • The spray produces a uniform, high-quality coat over the entire target, even on surfaces conventional spraying cannot reach.
  • ChIPS is more effective but less costly than current spraying technologies.
  • Smaller, charge-injected droplets of flammable liquids are more combustible than droplets produced by existing combustion technologies, producing higher combustion efficiently and less particulate and gaseous waste.
  • ChIPS will transform multibillion-dollar industries.
  • Dr. Arnold Kelly is the world’s foremost authority on ChIPS. He invented and patented it!
  • 4Ry, Inc. is working with industrial, agricultural, pharmacological, and consumer product partners and investors to further develop and commercialize Dr. Kelly’s innovative technologies.

4Ry’s ChIPS Technologies