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ChIPS Revolutionizes Aerosol Personal Care Products

4Ry Aerosol Personal Care Products

Look at the list of ingredients for sprayed-on personal care products like hair spray or deodorants. It consists of propellants, fillers and water, with the active ingredient or ingredients somewhere near the bottom of the list. The non-active ingredients allow the personal care product to be sprayed. However, much of the spray misses its target, lost to aerosol drift or inhaled by the user and bystanders.

No More Propellants or Fillers

4Ry’s Charge Injected Precision Spraying (ChIPS) negatively charges the personal care product fluid. Each individual droplet is charged when it leaves the sprayer, the Spray Triode Atomizer. These identically charged droplets repel each other, creating a precise, targeted spray and eliminating the need for water and costly propellants and fillers. With 4Ry’s technology, all that’s required is the personal care product’s active ingredient or ingredients.

More Thorough Coating, No Inhalation

Because droplets are charged, they go to a ground. The ground is the target being sprayed. This virtually eliminates aerosol drift and waste, and the dangers of inhalation and environmental harm. The spray uniformly coats the entire target—front, back, and hard-to-reach irregular surfaces.

Reduced Costs and Higher Efficiency

4Ry’s patented Spray Triode Atomizer is the same size as most conventional sprayer mechanisms. It requires little power, using a small battery. Because the sprayer requires only active ingredients, package sizes will be more compact. Package and sprayer can be thrown away, or packages can be detachable and disposable, and the sprayer reused.

A Better Way to Spray Personal Care Products

ChIPS technology reduces materials and packaging costs while significantly improving spraying and coating efficiency. The virtual elimination of aerosol drift cuts inhalation and environmental risk. The economic, health, and environmental benefits of this innovative technology gives personal care product companies an economical, promotionally appealing, and profitable way to differentiate their products.