4Ry’s Technologies & Applications

ChIPS Enables Precision Crop Spraying

4Ry Precision Crop Spraying

Traditional crop spraying use airplanes, helicopters and tractors to carry and spray the crop protection product from large canisters (some airplanes carry as much as 800 gallons). Unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, can fly much closer to the crops, offering more targeted coverage, less waste from wind and aerosol drift, and higher efficiency.

Drones Can Use Small Containers of Active Ingredients

Drones cannot carry standard canisters because they’re too large. Most of what those canisters carry are the propellants, fillers, and water necessary to create the desired spray. A relatively small proportion is the actual active ingredient.

4Ry’s Charge Injected Precision Spraying (ChIPS) requires only the active ingredient. This dramatically reduces container size and allows drones to spray as much or more crop protection as crop dusters, helicopters, or tractors.

Plants Are Thoroughly Coated by a Precise Spray

4Ry’s patented Spray Triode Atomizer charges the crop protection fluid. Each individual droplet is negatively charged when it leaves the Spray Triode Atomizer. Identically charged droplets repel each other. This repulsion, first identified and described by Charles-Augustin de Coulomb over 200 years ago, governs the flight of the droplets and creates a precise, targeted spray without water, propellants, or filters.

Because they’re charged, droplets go to a ground, the crop being sprayed. The spray coats irregular plant surfaces top and bottom with virtually nothing lost to wind or aerosol drift. Plants are coated much more thoroughly than is possible with traditional crop spraying. This may increase cycle times between sprayings.

Environmentally Friendly, Safer, and More Economical

With ChIPS, the environmental and health hazards of aerosol drift, worker inhalation, and groundwater contamination are substantially reduced. For agricultural owners and operators, this reduces contentious disputes and litigation with surrounding landowners and promotes worker safety, lowering insurance and medical costs.

ChIPS does not need unnecessary water, fillers, and propellants, eliminating those costs. The Triode Spray Atomizer’s precisely directed spray thoroughly coats plant surfaces with a crop protection product’s active ingredient.

A Better Way to Spray Crops

More efficient spraying reduces costs by extending spraying cycle times. There is virtually no aerosol drift, worker inhalation, or groundwater contamination. 4Ry’s unique ChIPS technology enhances the economics and efficiency of crop protection, and greatly reduces its environmental impact. More efficient spraying extends spraying cycle periods.