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ChIPS Transforms Industrial Painting and Coating

4Ry Industrial Coating

Manufactured items are often sprayed with paint or other coatings. They are applied by artificial-intelligence robots, assembly line machines, and individual workers using hand-held sprayers. While methods of application have evolved and improved through the years, the basics of spraying have not.

Eliminating VOCs

Many industrial paints and coatings contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Some VOCs are essential components of the paint or coating, but some are used solely to enhance their spraying characteristics. VOCs often pose safety and environmental hazards requiring special and costly methods of disposal or remediation. They can also be a health risk to human workers who are part of or are in proximity to the spraying process.

Charge Injected Precision Spraying (ChIPS) technology can be used in industrial painting and coating applications. ChIPS uses 4Ry’s patented Spray Triode Atomizer to charge paints or coatings. Each individual droplet is negatively charged when it leaves the sprayer. These negatively charged droplets forcefully repel each other: Coulomb repulsion, named after the scientist who discovered it over 200 years ago. There is no need for VOC propellants and fillers. The cost of these ingredients is eliminated, and so too is the cost and difficulties of disposing or remediating them.

Precise, Thorough Spraying

Once charged droplets are emitted from the Spray Triode Atomizer, they go to ground, the item being sprayed, in a precise spray. Spray flight is not governed by random factors such as air currents, but by the physics of charged particles and Coulomb repulsion. The particles uniformly coat all surfaces of the item: front, back, top, bottom, and previously unreachable cavities and irregular surfaces. There is no aerosol drift or overspray, resulting in the highest quality coating and finish.

Better Industrial Spraying and Coating

4Ry’s ChIPS technology eliminates the material and disposal costs of many VOCs in industrial spraying and coating applications. ChIPS produces a spray with no aerosol drift or overspray, reducing environmental and health hazards and producing a uniform, top quality coating.