4Ry’s Technologies & Applications

4Ry’s Other Technologies

  • Filtering and recycling used engine, industrial, and transformer oils: charge can be used to separate waste products from oils, extending their useful life.
  • Producing nanofibers: charging polymer solutions and molten polymers creates finer, stronger nanofibers in less time than current technologies.
  • 3D printing: charged 3D printing can speed the process and strengthen the manufactured object.
  • Drug and hormone delivery: charging drugs and hormones whose molecules are currently too large for transdermal delivery may allow them to penetrate the skin or oral mucus membranes. Charged production of nanofibers may allow the nanofibers to be used as “scaffolding” for cell attachment and drug delivery.
  • Airborne and surface microorganisms and pathogens: there are experimental indications that charged, deionized water droplets can neutralize microorganisms and pathogens. 4Ry technology can charge deionized water.
  • Commercial Roof Coatings: Charged-particle spraying can coat commercial roofs with coatings and sealants against rain, snow, sun damage and other weather elements.
  • Water and ice protective coating: Charged-droplet spraying can coat exposed power cables and other surfaces with water and ice-protectant fluids.
  • Repair of agricultural and construction equipment tires: Charged-droplet spraying can fill cracks in large tires with sealants that protect the tires and extend their useful lives. This can be done on-site.