4Ry’s Technologies & Applications


4Ry’s patented Spray Triode Atomizer is the heart of Charge Injected Precision Spraying, or ChIPS. It imparts a negative charge to the sprayed fluid, transforming spraying. Only active ingredients are sprayed, there is no water or propellants. Droplets all have the same charge and repel each other. Both droplet size and the spray path are controlled. There is little or no aerosol drift. The charged droplets go to the ground source, the target being sprayed, and thoroughly coat all surfaces.

For applications involving combustion, the Spray Triode Atomizer can produce smaller charged droplets. These are more combustible than droplets produced by existing combustion technologies, producing higher efficiency and reducing particulate waste.

ChIPS technologies substantially lower costs, increase efficiency, and reduce the environmental impact of a variety of applications.

See ChIPS technologies transformative potential in the following applications: